Artificial Intelligence With a Purpose

In Denmark, 3,500 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year. In the UK, the number is nearly 30,000, and in the US, it is more than 326,000. Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for about 15% of all deaths in Western countries alone.

To limit this toll, we rely on swift preliminary diagnoses by some of society’s unsung heroes. Emergency dispatch is undoubtedly one of the most demanding lines of work, much deserving of state-of-the-art support systems.

This is where Corti comes in: tasking machine learning with a true purpose.

We have built an AI capable of listening to and learning from emergency calls. It instantly matches live audio with thousands of past calls, supplementing emergency dispatchers with superhuman pattern recognition. When experienced human decision-making draws on powerful AI assistance, help can be provided significantly faster and better.

Our progress would not have been possible without several invaluable partners. Since 2016, we have been working closely with European and American emergency services, ensuring that the needs of experienced call takers are embedded in our intuitive products.

At Corti, we believe in making technology that makes a difference. Our extensive peer-reviewed research is the foundation for the products we build. We recognize the immense value in furthering life-saving AI augmentation in the wider health sector, so we decided to make all of our research publicly available.

Because of our compelling cause, Corti has been able to attract talented and extremely motivated team members, who come from highly reputable organizations and research institutions.

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