Corti's real-time, AI-powered decision support system identifies important patterns in ongoing conversations and alerts medical professionals of urgent instances, such as cardiac arrest.

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Corti's Machine Learning

Corti uses machines learning models trained on ground truth labels, enabling it to spot patterns that are undetectable to humans, and identify more cases faster.

Our strategic partners

  • EENA - 112 - European Emergency Number Association
  • Region Hovedstaden

Augmenting the human experience

Our technology is anchored in human experience and is built as a symbiotic decision support system. Our AI leverages historical data and artificial neural networks to understand context and patterns in critical conversations. Corti has been developed in close collaboration with the world's leading EMS departments and is fine-tuned to provide a highly-optimized workflow.

Our research partners

  • DTU Logo
  • University of Copenhagen
  • UW Medicine Seattle

Exploiting Nontrivial Connectivity for Automatic Speech Recognition

We tested the effectiveness of three neural network architectures commonly used in image recognition for automatic speech recognition. These architectures: Residual Networks, Highway Networks, and Densely Connected Networks, all use nontrivial connections or skip connections. This allows networks...

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Utilizing Domain Knowledge in End-to-End Audio Processing

We performed an exploratory study into improving end-to-end audio classification models. By introducing the intermediary regression task of approximating mel-spectrograms, we were able to classify raw waveform and mel-spectrogram input with equal accuracy. In future experiments we aim to fine-tune...

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