Introducing Corti Orb

A light in the dark

Thinking. Assisting. Enhancing.

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Navigate protocols effortlessly

An enchanted object

We designed the Orb to add not only AI, but also ambience to the user's environment.

We wanted to show our appreciation for the people who help us on our worst days by not just giving them another piece of technology, but something we think is special and beautiful.

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Diagnose with confidence

Always listening by your side

Corti’s Orb is the physical device that compliments Corti’s software.

The Orb sits on the dispatcher’s desk and connects to the telephone’s audio stream to listen in on emergency calls.

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Powerful protocol creation and editing

A hidden supercomputer

Engineered to run Corti's complex AI models, the Orb can detect critical illnesses in real time.

It uses the Jetson TX2 module from Nvidia, the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device in the world.

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Navigate protocols effortlessly

Innovation from top to bottom

Each device is 100% handbuilt in custom aluminum and steel in the heart of Copenhagen.

The production process has been an exciting exploration of what happens when Danish design meets cutting-edge technology.

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